087. The Art Of Performance: Practice Applying Your Knowledge

087. The Art Of Performance: Practice Applying Your Knowledge

In this episode, Andrew goes into depth about the ways that we apply the knowledge that we have obtained and mastered. How do we apply this knowledge in the world? When we can apply our knowledge and the tools that we have obtained creatively, that knowledge begins to come to life. It becomes an art form. This is what we can consider the “art of performance.”

We can have all the tools in the world, but without the creativity to apply the knowledge, those tools remain unused. Andrew goes into depth in this episode on the importance of applying the knowledge you have and how you can do it.

Andrew lays out 4 keys points, coming from two different perspectives, one from the coaching side of things and the one from the person being coached. These 4 key points include:

1. Understanding various situations and knowing that knowledge will be applied differently in each situation
2. Knowing that it’s not only what you know, but how you apply that understanding and put it into action
3. Looking at the outcomes and the feedback you are getting
4. Continuing to learn and striving to get better so that you are able to keep growing

Whatever the craft is, the information provided in this episode is super helpful for anybody who is out to improve and see real results. Listen in on these key points on how to drive your motivation, track your results, and see your performance continually improve. If you’re ready to put your knowledge further into action, listen in on this episode!

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