084. Starting My Ph.D. Journey! Let The Adventure Begin!

084. Starting My Ph.D. Journey! Let The Adventure Begin!

This week, Andrew updates us on his Ph.D.! Listen in to hear all about what Andrew will be up to in the upcoming months, as HNL Movement expands with the knowledge and expertise Andrew will be incorporating as he goes through his Ph.D. program! Andrew talks about time management and what it looks like to run a business, take on clients, host a podcast, and work on a Ph.D. He includes all of you in his ventures ahead, as he discusses the classes he will be taking and the ways it will benefit the HNL Movement podcast.

This upcoming year will be challenging, busy, and also full of rewards. Stay tuned for future episodes on what’s going on in Andrew’s journey, as well as exciting guest interviews to come!

Also, check out my HNL Movement YouTube channel for video clips of the episodes being posted daily! Aloha!

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