079. Taping, Bracing, And Strengthening For Optimal Recovery And Performance

079. Taping, Bracing, And Strengthening For Optimal Recovery And Performance

In this week’s episode, Andrew addresses the subject of taping and bracing. If you’re an athlete, you’ve most likely used a tape or a brace for an injury at some point. It’s common for people to use this method to aide the recovery and healing of their injuries, but without completely understanding its purpose. In this episode, Andrew shares his knowledge from an athletic trainer’s standpoint about taping and bracing.

To heal an injury, the muscles in that area must be strengthened. It’s important not to overuse the tape or brace. In order to return back to your optimal levels of performance, the underlying causes of the issue must be addressed. The tape or brace will not correct everything, and if overused, muscles may become weaker. Andrew provides specific tips in this episode so that reliance on the tape or brace does not happen.

This episode is full of helpful advice and insight for anyone who has ever dealt with injuries and certain issues that require extra attention. If you’re an athlete, this is a great episode to take note of for any future injuries or issues that may arise. Andrew goes in depth from his knowledge and experience so that even when you have a setback, you may again reach your optimal levels of performance. Enjoy this episode, and stay tuned for more! Aloha.

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