077. Simplify Your Actions, Pick The “Low Hanging Fruit,” To Boost Consistency

077. Simplify Your Actions, Pick The “Low Hanging Fruit,” To Boost Consistency

This week, Andrew dives into the subject of sticking with your goals based on the concept of reaching for the lowest hanging fruit. What this means, stick to smaller goals while starting with a new goal or routine. This concept can be applied to anything, such as your fitness goals, nutrition, or rehab. Andrew provides a great reminder in this episode to remember that small wins spark motivation and lead to bigger wins.

Think about how many times you have started something, set complex goals in the beginning, and then eventually stopped following through. This is common, but mainly because we set our goals too high. Although the strategy of setting higher goals in the beginning seems intuitive, it is not sustainable for long term goal setting. Instead, setting smaller goals in the beginning is often the key to success later on. Simple goal setting has been known to improve people’s attitudes as they celebrate small wins instead of striving right away for the big ones.

In this episode, you’ll learn the importance of sticking to this concept so that you can build your way to success and not burnout or overwhelm. Listen in on this episode to gain some insight into your strength and conditioning, nutrition, rehab, or any type of goal in life! Andrew is full of helpful advice to lead you to success by helping you focus on what you need to target first. Remember not to get caught up in complex tasks, and the biggest takeaway, enjoy what it is that you are doing!

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