074. How To Develop Your Recipe For Performance

074. How To Develop Your Recipe For Performance

A recipe is a great analogy to use when understanding how things fit together and balance out. This week, Andrew talks about what brings together all of the components for elevating your performance. What is your recipe for performance? When it comes to improving your lifestyle and achieving your fitness goals, whatever they might be, there is a delicate balance happening physically and mentally between these factors:

• Training
• Recovery
• Nutrition

These components are complementary to each other, but they must be balanced out so that one does not overthrow the others. As in a recipe, if the components are not in balance, the dish does not taste right. Many things that can throw off the balance of your performance such as training volume, nutrition habits, mindset, recovery, or even information overload that becomes counterproductive.

Make sure to find what’s right for you, and this can be challenging with all of the information available to us. Try to decipher between fancy ads and what will benefit you. In this episode, Andrew dives deep into the subject of creating your recipe for elevating performance.

Remember, what works for one person might be different than what works for your lifestyle. Andrew encourages everyone to enjoy the process, and not to rush it. Listen in on this episode and learn about the importance of each key component to the delicate recipe of your performance, and learn how to apply this to your life. Most of all, embrace the journey and stay positive. Enjoy this episode to find out how to enjoy each step of your journey as you balance your lifestyle towards success. Aloha!

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