071. How To Sift Through Health And Fitness Information To Achieve More

071. How To Sift Through Health And Fitness Information To Achieve More

If you’re someone who is focusing on your health and wellness goals, how much information do you come across each day, either on the internet or social media? The truth, we are bombarded by information each day. Various sources of information coming at us all at once can be quite the information overload. That’s not to mention all of the different technologies, supplements, and products that are available to us.

In this episode, Andrew draws us in to look at the ways we can decide for ourselves what is best and narrow our choices by building consistency on what works for each of us. Andrew will discuss the ways that we can use the information that we choose to our advantage and avoid being captured by things like:

• Hype
• Marketing tactics
• Peer pressure
• Quick fixes
• Shortcuts

When there’s too much information available all at once, it is common for people to find themselves either hesitant to begin or doing too much. Listen in on this episode to find out how the ways that you can choose what is best for you and integrate it into your life in a simple way without all of the distractions. You may want to start by giving yourself a one-week break from all the information. But first, enjoy this episode!

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