068. Samson Anguay On Positive Coaching, Giving Back, and The Process Of Growth

068. Samson Anguay On Positive Coaching, Giving Back, and The Process Of Growth

This week, welcome football coach Samson Anguay to the podcast! As a coach, Samson is truly inspiring to listen to, being someone who truly believes in taking action with your calling. Samson has many experiences to share with us in this episode, from the beginning of his football career, overcoming injuries, and general life lessons he’s learned along the way.

Born and raised in Hawaii, sports have been a huge part of Samson’s life. Growing up in a football-oriented family, he claims that football was more like something he was born into. His love for football came naturally, and he loves to share that passion now with young men through his coaching.

Samson attended the University of Hawaii, which is where he learned a lot about overcoming injuries, performance, and mental toughness. He didn’t experience injuries in high school, but in college, he went through a long journey with tearing his ACL and the recovery process. Other injuries down the line, including a shoulder injury and a meniscus tear, Samson has a lot of wisdom to share when it comes to working through these types of setbacks. Listen in as he shares the way that his experiences with injuries shaped him as an athlete and did not hold him back.

Samson now leads a coaching organization, working with the youth, and he sees this as his mission to help these kids become the best that they can be. Find more about his coaching by finding him on Instagram: @thecoach_samosonanguay. You can also find him on Facebook by looking up Sam Anguay: Aloha Performance Academy.

Enjoy this episode, and stay tuned for more!

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