067. Why You Should Take Ankle Sprains Seriously For Health and Performance

067. Why You Should Take Ankle Sprains Seriously For Health and Performance

In this episode, Andrew dives into the importance of properly rehabbing and strengthening following ankle sprains. Ankle sprains are a common injury, and they’ve often been brushed off as not a big deal in the grand scheme of injuries. However, an ankle sprain can leave you sitting on the bench and also restrict your daily activities, so it’s important to address an ankle sprain properly so that it doesn’t reoccur.

What causes an ankle sprain in the first place? Andrew dives into the subject of kinesthetic awareness and the science behind what causes an ankle sprain. Improving your kinesthetic awareness, proprioception, strength, and mobility are important factors that will help to prevent future ankle sprains from occuring. Listen in to hear more about the fascinating ways the body communicates with the brain to protect your joints, muscles, and ligaments.

If you’ve ever had an ankle sprain, and most of us have at some point, you know that it takes time to heal. This episode will provide you with all the steps that we typically encounter recovering from an ankle sprain, including the importance of not over-icing the injury. Ice should be used immediately, the first thing after the sprain occurs, but be careful about using ice as a crutch. Andrew will tell you the reasons for this.

This episode is for everyone, and it’s a good reminder not to cut corners with any injury. Injury recovery is a process, and this includes the ever-so-common ankle sprain injuries. You’ll want to focus on restoring function through the recovery process and gradually increase your strength and conditioning as you return to your activities. Listen in and enjoy all of the in-depth knowledge and information in this episode!

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