065. How To Maximize Off-Season Training and Make It Count

065. How To Maximize Off-Season Training and Make It Count

This episode is all about the importance of off-season training, and how to do it so that your body gets what it needs to develop. Everyone, not just athletes alone, can benefit from listening to this episode, as it can be applied to so many things. The off-season is a time to focus on elevating your performance to set you up for the next season. Emphasis should be placed on the word “training” during the off-season. It’s a time to build your body up, develop yourself further, and get ready for the next season. Part of this is letting your body have a break and focusing on these key elements:

• Developing movement
• Developing strength
• Becoming a more well-rounded athlete
• Becoming a well-rounded mover

Off-season training is also a time for the body to get a break from all of the demands put on it during the season. Think of training that is less specific to your sport and focus on strength and conditioning, as well as giving yourself a mental and emotional reset. The off-season is not a time to continue going hard and strong in your sport, but it’s a time to let your body train in other ways so that you can elevate your performance, even more, when the next season comes around.

Listen in on this episode to learn how to train smarter during the off-season. Andrew emphasizes everyone giving themselves a good reset during the off-season, and in this episode, he will tell you how. Tune in and learn how to direct your training in a way that works for you to become a stronger and more well-rounded athlete. Aloha!

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