064. Louis Smolka on Body Awareness, Developing Technique, and Applying Lessons Learned In Life

064. Louis Smolka on Body Awareness, Developing Technique, and Applying Lessons Learned In Life

In this week’s episode, welcome UFC fighter, Louis “Da Last Samurai” Smolka to the podcast! Louis shares his passion for fighting, beginning with his story from childhood and growing up in Hawaii. He has had quite the journey, beginning from an early age in martial arts.

As an MMA fighter, he has become agile in many forms of martial arts over the years, but the very first was karate. He began taking karate at 7 years old, picking up judo and wrestling a little later, which became his two major sports in high school. Louis was not athletically the best in high school, and he shares his story of how he overcame certain setbacks and worked through obstacles to get to where he’s at today. It took some true grit at improving his craft to becoming a professional fighter. His career has not been without setbacks either. At one point, he got let go of the UFC. Louis shares what he learned from that experience and how it developed his mental toughness to get back in.

Listen in on this episode as Louis shares some of his favorite memories and lessons from fighting in the UFC. Of course, his story does not come without injuries, so you’ll hear inspiration based on his injury recovery and his time working with Andrew. Louis encourages everyone not to push themselves too hard and to do what their body will allow. He also touches on the importance of body awareness, which is the best base practice for anyone, no matter their sport or lifestyle, that pays off the most.

Louis is very entertaining to listen to, this episode contains many gems that are not to be missed. Be sure to listen to the end when Louis describes his experience playing X-box as himself in the UFC game. Enjoy!

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