058. Jensen Park On Body Awareness, Maintenance, And Being Active Throughout Life

058. Jensen Park On Body Awareness, Maintenance, And Being Active Throughout Life

In this episode, Andrew welcomes baseball player, Jensen Park to the podcast! Jensen Park shares his story and talks about his journey with baseball, as well as what he’s learned in rehab with Andrew. Rehab has helped him overcome injuries and learn to elevate his performance in the long term.

Jensen grew up playing a wide range of sports, including gymnastics, tennis, and surfing, but baseball was always his favorite. He speaks about the ways that playing other sports besides baseball growing up helped him develop as an athlete. The strength that he developed in learning gymnastics translated to his performance in baseball. Jensen shares the story of his professional and collegiate career in baseball and the ways that he has developed himself as an athlete while navigating through school. HIs journey is inspiring to anyone pursuing a professional career in sports, as Jensen’s hard work has truly paid off, and he agrees that any struggles that he has experienced along the way have helped him in the future.

Jensen experienced some injuries along the way, which led him to become a client of Andrew’s and has worked on the intricacies of restoring movement in the rehab process. They both touch on the importance of maintaining functionality in the body and implementing practices to support longevity. We’re always learning ways to attune our practices and implement those fine details that eventually lead to major breakthroughs for optimal performance.

Jensen loves to inspire others and uses his experiences to be a positive influence on upcoming players and students. Recently, he’s been working with kids and is happy to help young players learn what he has learned along the way in baseball. He invites anyone who is interested in working with him to email him at jparkcoaching@gmail.com. Enjoy this episode!

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