057. How To Become A Client-Centered Coach

057. How To Become A Client-Centered Coach

This episode is great for coaches or anyone who aspires to be a coach or is looking to improve their coaching style, and not just in health and fitness! The information that Andrew provides in this episode can be applied to any area of coaching, so listen in for some key advice on how to become a great coach through client-centered coaching.

Coaching is an art, and Andrew agrees that becoming a great coach doesn’t just happen overnight. Becoming a great coach takes a lot of practice and skill through experience. Taking the approach of client-centered coaching means that as a coach, your kind of like a lazy tour guide. You’re letting the client experience their journey first-hand, and your job is not to take over their journey. Let the client take the wheel and emphasize the client’s skills and strengths. Build on those skills and strengths as they become more involved in their progress.

Listen in on this episode to hear Andrew’s full in-depth talk on client-centered coaching and how it can help the client grow the most. He gives some great advice on how to stay with the client’s needs without getting overly involved. Enjoy this episode, no matter where you are on your coaching journey! Aloha!

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