Wholesale Landscape Products Business Plan

Wholesale Landscape Products Business Plan

Wholesale Landscape Products Business Plan

Both in scope and nature, the marketplace for nursery products is changing. The consumer is now more upscale and the market continues to expand.

In the United States, there has been a 10 percent increase in household size over the last seven years to 140.9 millions. According to National Association of Realtors the National Association of Home Builders expects that 903,000 new homes will be started this year.

These facts alone paint a future of opportunity for forest by-products. These facts are not enough. There has been a significant population shift. According to U.S. Department of Commerce data, the Baby Boomers now control the housing market. This means that the 45-56-year-old population will grow by 54 per cent in the next four-years. Remarkably, the nursery industry's main buyers are 45-to-60 year old customers, who account to half of all retail nursery sales.

In the United States, 25% of households spent on average $500 to install landscaping (plant material in original or redesigned landscapes). This allowed retailers to make more than $5B in sales.

Glen Mar Forest Products will provide this new product line to its growing customer base. It will revolutionize landscaping. The product is called Rainbow Mulch(tm). This color enhanced shredded hardwood mulch is safe for the environment and colorfast. It will not blow away or get washed away and is safe to use for all species of animals and plants. The product is organically produced using virgin wood products.

There are five colors available to choose from:

  • Rainbow Gold
  • Rainbow Brown
  • Rainbow Green
  • Rainbow Grey
  • Rainbow White

Rainbow Mulch ™ is a new landscaping tool that transforms an ordinary lawn into a beautiful, lush landscape.

1.1 Objectives

  • Establish Glen Mar Forest Products as the regional leader in producing color enhanced mulch.
  • Increase the number and variety of Glen Mar Forest Products-selling outlets by 20% in the next two years.
  • Establish a strong working relationship with all of the region's wholesale landscape product distributors.

1.2 Mission

Glen Mar's mission is to introduce innovative landscaping products to its target customer base. Glen Mar's founder, Charles Marshall will draw on his landscaping knowledge, experience in the wood products sector, and his relationships with the regional wholesale distributors to develop products that will transform the landscape.

1.3 Keys to Success

The keys to success in Glen Mar's business are:

  1. Offering innovative landscaping products. This is critical to maintain the niche market segments mentioned in our mission statement.
  2. Delivery on time and reliable. Glen Mar must fulfill its delivery commitments.
  3. Reliable and reliable administration, who can assist customers, prepare accurate invoices, follow-up orders on documentation, and keep close tabs on expenses and collection of receivables.

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