Sports Memorabilia Business Plan

Sports Memorabilia Business Plan

Sports Memorabilia Business Plan

Jerseys R Us is a Massachusetts-based collection of sports jersey stores. Jerseys offers famous player jerseys for football, baseball, and cycling. Phil Garment is buying Jerseys. Jerseys should be in profitability by year one. Future years will see modest profits.

The market for sports collectibles is enormous, especially for jerseys. Collectors can be young children or adults. With the growing popularity of eBay, sport collectible trading has become even more popular with a much more open market. Jerseys Segmenting the market into two niches has allowed to segment it into children and adults. The majority of the market is dominated by the baseball and football gears. However, the adults have primary interest in all three.

Jerseys R Us has recognized three keys to success that will be instrumental. The first is having a comprehensive inventory. This will attract customers to the store and make it more attractive. Listening is the second important aspect. Having an active feedback loop will be essential for Jerseys to exceed customer expectations. Financial controls are the final key to success.

Jerseys‘s inventory competitive edge will be leveraged to increase sales quickly. It is advantageous for two reasons. It is more comprehensive than any of its competitors. It is also more likely that customers will return to Jerseys regularly to see new products.

Phil Garment runs Jerseys R Us. Phil is an avid sports fan. His passion for sports is evident from just speaking to him. Phil received his undergraduate degree and went on to work at a top sports marketing company where he built an amazing network of contacts. These contacts are instrumental in getting access to rare, hard to find jerseys. Phil also gained valuable project management skills. Phil completed an MBA in order to add to his work experience. This gave him the necessary skills to run a business.

1.1 Mission

It is Jerseys R Us' mission to be the premier jersey collectible store. We will achieve this by providing a wide range of jerseys at fair prices and customer satisfaction.

1.2 Keys for Success

  • A complete, valuable inventory.
  • Customer feedback is important.
  • Follow strict financial controls.

1.3 Objectives

  • To be the best sports jersey collection store in Mapleton.
  • You should ensure that inventory is constantly changing to encourage customers and keep them coming back.
  • Reputation for outstanding customer service

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