Septic Tank Contractor Business Plan

Septic Tank Contractor Business Plan

Septic Tank Contractor Business Plan

William&#8217's Environmental is an underground tank installation and removal business that provides a complete waste control solution for its customers. Jean William has started William&#8217s Environmental due to the incredible growth of Webster County housing over the last three years. Webster County also approved a rebate program to replace older septic tanks.

William&#8217, Environmental has over twenty-five years of experience in waste management. Jean worked ten year as general contractor for Hayes Honeybucket Services before she started William&#8217's Environmental. Her staff is also experienced in servicing customers in Webster County for over fifteen years. Jean has developed strong connections with property owners, home builders, and property managers.

For this year, the county expects to start 2,000 additional housing units. There are currently 80,000 houses in the county. Of these homes 50% have underground tanks to manage waste.

Webster County recently approved a program for underground septic tank owners who are 15 years or older. This will enable them to replace their tanks. New program will pay as much as 40% of the replacement costs. The program will begin in May. County estimates that 40% of these older homes are equipped with underground tanks that must be removed to reduce the risk of groundwater contamination. This is more than 20,000 homes that have underground tanks that must be replaced.

William&#8217, Environmental plans an all-out assault on the homes this programme is targeting. To pursue this opportunity fully-time, the company has employed a sales person. William&#8217, Environmental will handle all paperwork to help get the home approved. This is crucial because many of these homes are owned by elderly people.

Jean will make personal savings to William&#8217, Environmental. Jean'8217's investment will be matched by a silent partner. Additionally, she will receive a long term loan.

1.1 Objectives

William&#8217's Environmental has 3 objectives

  • Increase your market share for septic tank repair orders.
  • Establish a strong partnership with the area's builders.
  • For the next three-years, increase sales steady year by year.

1.2 Mission

William&#8217's Environmental's mission is to exceed customers' expectations of service and products. When the customer calls with an emergency or request, they will get the help they need, fast.

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