SaaS Business Plan

SaaS Business Plan

SaaS Business Plan



Scope creep. The approval process is used by the consulting client to request more consulting and not more payment.

A proposal (also known as an engagement letter) is usually required for a professional consulting company. This proposal must be accepted. Accepted proposals become the contract between client and consultant regarding what should be done, when, how much, etc.

It is important to keep track of progress, manage ongoing work, and avoid scope creep by referring back to the original engagement when fulfilling. It's an essential missing link for many consultants.


Overture compiles proposals incorporating building blocks of content including text, tables, and milestones, component tasks, and date and deadline data, with ongoing progress tracking, tickler functions, communication with clients, and billing for progress. The secret sauce is easy to use tools and a conceptual framework that prevents scope creep.


Prospects include single professionals, small professional firms, and individuals in large firms. Pricing is flexible and the software is available at different levels. Prices start at $19.95/month for an individual account.


Software competitors

There is a variety of good proposal management products span style=”fontweight: 400 ;”>.

  • PandaDoc

  • Propose

  • Qwilr

  • Bidsketch

  • Osmosis

  • Loopio

  • Nusii

  • Quote Roller

  • Proposable

  • Octiv

  • GetAccept

None of them address scope creep as Overture. They're all priced high, but few offer the same features.

The real competition

The real competition lies in using existing word processing tools with project management and billing.

Why Us?

We have a great team including three proven successful startup veterans who are in a position to invest their own funds to cover start-up investment in the middle six figures. They have strong software and consulting experience.

We are value-driven. We believe that what we do is important, will help our users succeed and be the best way to spend the money that they have spent.



High growth is our priority, not profits. We seek high valuations to maximize our opportunities and those of our investors.

Financial Highlights for the Year

Finance is required

A capital investment of $2.5 millions is planned.

  • Three founders were able fund $240K worth of seed money to start the business and secure local angel funding.

  • Our plan is to receive $750K of angel investment in Spring 2023.

  • Series In Spring 2023, venture capital will be available.

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