Printing Services Broker Business Plan

Printing Services Broker Business Plan

Printing Services Broker Business Plan

Copriso provides a complete solution for printing services and products, including office stationery, brochures and business forms. It is a Colorado-based, home-based business. Copriso operated for the last five years under the name ePrint, Inc., which was solely owned by Adam Suson. Adam Suson joined the Sir Speedy franchise that his father founded in 1972. From 1983 to 1996 Adam managed scheduling and procurement for Sir Speedy. He also managed employees and customer service issues. Adam, a freelance printing consultant, became an independent printer when the family decided to sell the franchise many years ago.

Last year, Copriso was chosen to represent Colorado Printing Solutions. The Colorado name registration conflict led to the name change. The new name was a result of a Colorado name registration conflict. It was decided that aggressive marketing strategies should be used. This strategy uses direct mail and telephone solicitation. Copriso brought in a new business partner as part of this marketing strategy.

Paul Levy brings 15 years of sales and marketing experience in both computer technology and telephony. During that 15 year period, Paul demonstrated consistent performance personally, and with sales team members, in meeting and exceeding all sales goals with quotas ranging from $1-$3 million. Paul managed both sales for individuals and also sales training.

For most businesses, printing is an inevitable business expense. With our combined experience, and this industry's resilience, we feel that this change in name and ownership coupled with our new marketing strategy will prove a sound business decision. The following are the keys to success and crucial factors for the next 12 months.

  • Implementing our new marketing strategy.
  • We are expanding our customer base.
  • Financial control and cash flow planning

To help us with our marketing strategy, we are looking for a long-term loan. This loan will cover the initial year's business expenses and help ensure consistency in marketing efforts, due to the seasonal nature this industry.

1.1 Mission

Copriso, a provider of printing solutions, is dedicated to providing a single source for all your printing needs. We also place a high priority on maintaining and earning our customers' trust. Customers will receive exceptional service and a fair price while we maintain a reasonable margin. We will foster a positive, fair, and creative workplace that encourages innovation and hard work.

1.2 Objectives

1. To increase annual sales by the third-year of this plan.

2. To establish a tiered client hierarchy:

  • 20 percent long-term, existing customers
  • 60% customers have periodic and irregular needs that are ongoing
  • 20% New Customers with Unestablished Needs

3. You will find 12 new bidding opportunities and appointments each month.

4. To establish two new long-term “quality” relationships per month.

5. To operate at 50%+ margin. This margin is arrived at through historical rates from the previous eight years of data.

6. To be a true ‘one-stop shop' by being able address all of the customer's printing requirements, from consulting and design assistance to printing and binding to distribution. Our goal is to eliminate the need for our customers to source any printing outside of our scope.

7. To spread awareness about Copriso and support sales and income goals by aggressive marketing and telephone contact. This awareness will be achieved through both word-of–mouth referrals and marketing. To continue and increase our customer base, we will ask for referral information from all customers. Copriso client awareness will be promoted via direct mails and telephone sales. Future marketing plans are being discussed with both radio and television potentials.

8. To achieve a 30% annual growth rate. This number was calculated using eight years worth of historical data and the new marketing plan.

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