The HNL Movement Podcast Trailer | ft. Andrew Takata

The HNL Movement Podcast is here! You can find and listen to my podcast on all main directories. I am looking forward to bringing you discussions related to optimizing human performance so that you can elevate the quality of your life. Join me in my passion to learn, understand, and share how health, nutrition, lifestyle, and movement collectively contribute to human performance.

You're in the right place to learn how you can reach and sustain optimal human performance. All discussions, information, and interviews will support you in achieving better health, nutrition, lifestyle, and movement practices that elevate how you perform in life. Thank you for your support and be a part of...

Meet Andrew Takata, a certified athletic trainer, rehabilitation practitioner, strength and conditioning specialist, sports nutritionist, and founder of HNL Movement. He shares his journey, experiences, and knowledge to help you optimize human performance and improve the quality of your life. Stay tuned for future episodes, conversations, and interviews that help...

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