Personnel Management Business Plan

Personnel Management Business Plan

Personnel Management Business Plan

OutReSources, Inc. will be a consulting company specializing in the design and delivery of training products and services in statewide and regional markets. The company is a trusted, high-quality option for health care professionals to use in their business development, marketing, and quality assurance.

OutResources will be initially created under the umbrella of Flowstone, Inc. as a Greenstate DBA business. It is located in the Central County of Greenstate, which is the heart of Greenstate's population growth and growth.

OutReSources is targeting state-owned health care service providers to tailor our services to suit their needs. OutResources'#8217’s biggest challenge will be to establish itself as an real consultation and training firm, which is considered a relatively risk-free investment.

Industry competition can take many forms. However, the most prominent is that of companies and agencies who choose to do their business development and training in house rather than outsource. You will also find resources for training and development from both the state and non-profit sector. These companies tend to be generalists and don't focus on any particular market. A flawed organizational structure often hinders these companies. This means that they don't have the most qualified people to handle client projects. OutResources'#8217′ advantage over these companies is its high-level consulting that helps integrate theory with practice and works in concert with client companies&#8217.

OutReSources will cost at the highest possible price the market will bear. OutReSources will continue to be known for its high-level expertise and competitive pricing. The first year is expected to see substantial sales and a healthy cash balance.

The company's founders are both former and current healthcare service providers. We will be targeting the #8220 fee-for-service provider markets. OutReSources is a formalization of the consulting services that they offer. OutReSources, which will be managed in a structure largely derived mainly from Flowstone, Inc., will be managed and managed by working partner. We will initially assume three partners: Khallie Locharnold, Soren Aboukir (from Flowstone Inc.), and Yuriatin Guadalquivir.

The firm anticipates healthy profits the first-year with a commensurately large net profit margin. The company does not expect any cash flow problems to arise.

1.1 Objectives

OutResources established several goals and targets for the first one year.

  1. Create and implement a training program that targets both non-profit and for-profit providers of health care services that charge a fee for their services.
  2. By developing a service that supports those providers still operating within the Medicaid ‘fee-for -service' framework, we can raise the quality of care and break free from the limitations of Medicaid's #8220 fee-for-service.
  3. Create a company with low overheads and liability to maximize net profit margins.

1.2 Mission

Our mission will be to raise standards for health care services by improving skills, abilities and efficiency of those providing them. We want to provide training and education for health care workers who are paid and regulated by state agencies. We aim to be transitional educators and trainers to those with the education but without the experience.

1.3 Keys to Success


Training trainers in the relevant disciplines who are qualified

  • Credentials: Education, Licenses, Certifications
  • Proven successful track record
  • Continuing Education Units

Strong Methodology

A strong formalized learning methodology for all services

  • Policies and procedures
  • Hierarchy roles in the Organizational Structure: Qualifications and Duties
  • Confidentiality control
  • Feedback Reporting: Finished Product

Promotional and Marketing

  • Beginning with what we know. Our first offerings are based upon our expertise

  • Reaching a large targeted population: Expanding our offerings
  • Spring boarding using current credentials
  • Liability

    You can keep your overhead and liability low by:

    • Maximizing capabilities and simplifying tasks
    • Assessing the market to initiate with &#8220/High End&#8221′ targets (large providers and high fee-for service rates)
    • Strong investments in quality equipment are more cost-effective than making large purchases.
      • Mobility vs. center or combinations
      • Space and supplies
      • The finished products (manuals/pamphlets/protocols).

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