Manufacturing – Custom Parts Business Plan

Manufacturing – Custom Parts Business Plan

Manufacturing - Custom Parts Business Plan

This plan provides investor information and includes basic information about the strategic business plan necessary to create and operate JTB Products and Services, Inc, a subsidiary of JTB Technologies, Inc. JTB Products and Services, Inc is formed in Richfield, Louisiana, according to the laws of Louisiana.

JTB&#8217’s Products and Services Division can produce customized tools to fit the Automotive, Auto Body Repair and Sports Service Industries. Additionally, this division will also provide re-conditioning services to clients using our quality products from the the JTB product line.

Mitchell R. Jeremy and Rachel L. Jeremy form the Management Team responsible for the Product and Services Division's development and the hands-on management and operation of the day to day operations. In addition, a team-oriented, customer-focused staff of 3 will support the management team. JTB Products and Services, Inc. will employ a CPA firm to conduct professional company audits, prepare payroll taxes, and act as a business consultant in order to assist with the setting of long-term strategic goals.

JTB Products and Services, Inc., on the basis of the current market prices, could make $348,000 in sales within the first 18 months of its operation. If the company is managed well, revenue growth can reach 24.53% percent. These ratios are solid at the end Fiscal Year 2.

Based on the investor's investment, each investor will have equity. In the Financial Plan section, you can read more about Ratios.

Our primary markets:

  1. Auto repair, and Automotive industries. (JTB Tools)
  2. Contractors from the Private and Commercial Utility Sectors. (JTB Hole-making Products and Services)
  3. Sporting Goods Industry. (JTB drills and drill refurbishing)
  4. Services for Metalworking and Manufacturing industries

JTB Products and Services, Inc. is looking for ways to minimize the risks that may hinder its success.

  1. The ability to raise sufficient capital to finance the project through completion.
  2. Keep overhead costs lower than expected, which will increase the bottom line profit. Management will employ multi-skilled staff. They will receive continuous training to ensure that they provide superior customer service. Customer satisfaction is a top priority in developing the business.
  3. Build a sufficient customer base. An excellent location has been determined by demographics, and an aggressive marketing program by a full-time shared marketing associate will ensure the desired results.
  4. Get involved in the community to show how your business will benefit the quality of your life. The company's facilities will be used to support civic groups in reaching their financial goals. Schools, churches, as well as other groups, are invited to contact the company or its employees to host fundraisers.

1.1 Objectives

  1. Integrate our products and services into the Industrial Distribution market.
  2. Direct-market to our product lines to more 100,000 potential clients across the U.S.
  3. Get market share with our Business Technology Software
  4. We provide high-quality products and services to our clients while maintaining high profitability.

Our company has been providing services to the businesses mentioned above for many years. We specialize in helping them with their production process, job costing, and expediting these services. These services are provided one-on-one. The client's process of using the products is reviewed and a recommendation made on whether to scrape, rebuild, or replace them. Also at this point we can recommend one of our distributor partner products as a substitute.

JTB Products and Services, Inc. is a JTB partner and will use the network to promote their products and services among our industrial distributor partners.

1.2 Mission

JTB will offer the highest quality products, services and development.

  • Our products will lower customers' costs and have a longer lifespan than other products.
  • Our re-manufacturing service will provide a client with a solid purchase that is value-based. It will be backed by the 100% quality commitment of our employees as well as management.

JTB's manufacturing facility will be used as a test bed and model for its products. JTB will offer the mid-sized corporate market new and innovative ways to manage customer and external vendor transactions cost effectively. This will result in continuous savings for those who use our products and services. JTB will grow further as a quality, long-term growth corporation with the help of its manufacturing partners.

1.3 Keys to Success

  1. With over twenty years of experience in industrial distribution and metalworking, this experienced manager has a wealth of knowledge.
  2. A well-defined, long-term goal for longevity that is focused and clearly defined. This plan was created to allow for flexibility and growth.
  3. Experienced in Engineering and project management, this team can provide support to clients in an industrial setting.
  4. Marketing strategies that target niche products and services.
  5. At startup, there are very low internal development expenses. The management team is well-equipped to manage and develop the projects listed in this business plan. They can also use industry partnerships to reduce pre-production costs and lower initial costs to bring their products and services to market.
  6. There are many quality vendors who can assist you in your product marketing.
  7. Experience and previous business plans that have been successful are a great resource. Management's previous business plan helped in closing an SBA package valued at $240,000 for the acquisition of C.N.C manufacturing equipment. Management will execute and perfect every aspect of the business plan. They expect that they will bring a lot more creativity, positive attitude and energy to all projects.

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