Locksmith Business Plan

Locksmith Business Plan

Locksmith Business Plan

South Kelleton Keys and Locksmith(SKelleton Keys), a locksmith shop specializing exclusively in locks and security, was established and managed by Padraic, a highly skilled and certified locksmith. This business will have a South Kelleton location and sell lock hardware and other services to builders, homeowners, renters, and businesses. It will use a combination direct selling and advertisement.

Net profit will rise significantly from its first year of operation to the end of its third year on a projected almost doubling of sales. The company will be able to sell products and services as well as offer qualified referrals of security product vendors to clients when they are not able to address their needs directly. The business will have an additional locksmith in its third year. He/she will be learning under Pad Lawkse, and helping to grow the company's business.

South Kelleton Keys Locksmith is seeking a three-year loan for its business. The loan will be used to fund the initial operation and Pad Lawkse&#8217's capital investment.

1.1 Objectives

South Kelleton Keys is a locksmith.

  1. Install a store near South Kelleton
  2. Establish relationships with ten apartment houses as preferred vendors for locks within the first year of operation
  3. Achieve a doubling of sales by its third year of operation, with gross margins better than 40% on products

1.2 Mission

South Kelleton Keys And Locksmith will provide high quality locks and security products as well as skilled installation and repair to increase the security and safety of South Kelleton residents.

1.3 Keys to Success

To succeed as a locksmith business, SKelleton Keys must:

  1. Building relationships with property owners
  2. Increase community awareness of their quality, location, and reasonable prices
  3. Respond quickly to your requests
  4. Do you prefer ‘#8220?security and peace&#8221 of mind to ‘#8220?locks&#8221?

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