Hair Replacement and Salon Business Plan

Hair Replacement and Salon Business Plan

Hair Replacement and Salon Business Plan

Herr Haar is a full service salon dedicated to providing quality services as well as taking care of the whole person. Herr Haar will stand out from all other salons around Anytown for its unique approach in taking care of clients. Herr Haar will stand out among the rest with its innovative hair replacement and other salon services. Currently, no other business in Anytown provides an adequate solution to hair loss problems. Herr Haar's professional cosmetologists will fill this niche.

Herr Haar has been in operation since May 2003. However, the location limits make it difficult to continue. Herr Haar needs a short-term loan of $4,000 for 10 months to achieve his goals. Herr Haar will be a success because of his 27-years of experience and talent.

Over the past six months, Herr Haar has seen hair service sales of almost $47,000, or more than $7,800/month. We expect sales of hair services to rise to about $10,600 per months in our new facility. This is an extremely conservative increase. With the addition of a massage area, booth rental from other stylists, increased direct sales of products that we previously recommended, and increased revenue streams, we expect to open new revenue streams. Our 2004 sales goal is $244,000. These forecasts are based both on similar salons in the area and on research done with other stylists/massage therapists in Anytown.

Hair replacement used to be viewed as something that was only done by men in the past. Herr Haar's professionalism and integration in hair replacement with a wider range of hair, skin and body care products will make this service in Anytown a luxury for busy men. You must feel your best to perform at your best. Herr Haar is the first step.

1.1 Objectives

Herr Haar is more than just a full service salon providing excellent hair care and quality products, in a peaceful, relaxed atmosphere. Herr Haar will provide a welcoming work environment that respects diversity, creativity, hard work, and is open to all.

1.2 Mission

Our mission is to provide skilled services, through talented cosmetologists, that give our customers the dignity and self respect needed to be successful in the world today. To give our customers convenience, we offer a variety of complementary services in one location for hair styling as well as bodycare.

1.3 Keys To Success

  • Location – Provides easy access for clients as well as greater visibility to potential clients.
  • Advertising The public will see Herr Haar's name, and our concept.
  • Unique&#8211′ Herr Haar is the best in hair care.
  • Reputation The stylists and owners have a great reputation with their clients
  • Discreet – Our new, more visible location is paired with a range of hair and bodycare services, so when a client comes in, passersby cannot assume he is seeking hair replacement.
  • Customer Satisfaction

A salon that offers the knowledge and skill to handle hair loss and everyday hair care is in great shape. This business has great potential because of Herr Haar's diligence and the desire of all the skilled cosmetologists to continue their education.

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