Gift Shop Business Plan

Gift Shop Business Plan

Gift Shop Business Plan

Bensai Halstadt and Kaethe Villanova are the principals of Regali Luxuri. Regali Luxuri is a specialty gift boutique located in the enterprising warehouse district of west midtown in Treschicburg. We offer a wide range of high-quality merchandise, including personalized business cards, greeting cards, and apparel. Regali Luxuri caters to middle-to-upper class and affluent clientele. Our company image exemplifies what customers are seeking in home accents and gifts which is a “Modern & Urban Life Style” look and feel. Our unique, exclusive product line, printing services and the number of products we created ourselves are what sets us apart from other specialty retailers.

We will have a website before Regali Luxuri's Grand Opening. Regali Luxuri intends to break-even in the first year and make moderate profits in the second year. Regali Luxuri's future growth plans include expanding the physical location to include the 2nd Level of the live/work unit, broadening the product line, hiring people to design our unique merchandise; implementing ecommerce to our existing website by year three; as well as establishing a mail-order catalog.

We formed our company as an “8220” S&#8221 corporation. Over several years, we, Bensai and Kaethe, have invested our time, innumerable personal finances and research in developing and expanding our home-based business into a retail location. We each contributed equity to the opening and expansion of the retail space. Kaethe has five year experience in retail accounting and retail, and Kaethe has taken management and entrepreneurial classes at the University SBDC. We have a lot of experience and are constantly learning to help us in our efforts to teach future employees and manage day-to-day operations.

1.1 Objectives

  • Total sales revenue must be generated to make a profit by the end of the first year.
  • In year three, add e-commerce capabilities on existing company websites.
  • For the third year, set a rate of growth of 20%.
  • Maintain a direct cost of sales of 45% or less.
  • In year two, establish 50% of our merchandise in proprietary products.
  • Establish our company in year one as a prestigious ‘#8220Brand Recognized&#8221 name throughout the community

1.2 Mission

Regali Luxuri is an exclusive boutique for specialty cards, gifts, and apparel that specializes exclusively in unique merchandise that is not often found in larger retail markets. We offer customers outstanding customer service in a relaxed and enjoyable shopping environment. We aim to offer high-quality, unique merchandise at reasonable prices to our customers.

1.3 Keys of Success

  • Personalize a product collection of handcrafted, unique products.
  • Customers can have products and services that they are custom-made to suit their individual needs.
  • Establish a loyal customer network by offering seasonal promotions / discount, direct mail postcards, high quality merchandise at reasonable prices, and creating a comfortable and inviting shopping environment.
  • A #8220Brand Identity&#8221 is a brand that personifies quality, gift giving merchandise and exceptional customer service.

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