Fast Food Restaurant Business Plan

Fast Food Restaurant Business Plan

Fast Food Restaurant Business Plan



There is a rising demand for fast-food snacks, which can be consumed while shoppers are shopping at the malls.


Fresin Fries encourages kids to bring their friends, family, and coworkers with its innovative environment, fresh-cut Belgian Fries and unique dipping sauces.


Fresin Fries aims to serve the majority of Singapore's teenagers and young adults. This age group has been chosen for many important reasons. We aim to be “the outstanding fast food place”, and we believe that this age range (15-25) is the best place to start brand building. They are low-income or have fixed incomes. They want to be able to choose a value/price relation that won't cost them too much.

Our secondary target are those between 25-37 years, who are an avid lounge/restaurant patron. They are more flexible with their budgets and prefer a relationship of value and price.


Any food outlet within 300 meters of the Orchard Road is our main competitor in this market. You will find Tori-Q Pizza Walker Pizza Talk Starbucks Bread Talk and Rotiboy at our location.

Why Us?

As they learn about the fascinating new pop culture, our customers will experience the full experience at both our outlet(s), and on our website. We will sell everything, from pre-packaged sauces, t-shirts, and potato cutters with our official logo attached.



This plan will be used to locate a space for the initial launch. We will finance the costs by making two investments totaling $100,000, one at startup, and one at the beginning the second year. We expect strong economic growth in all three year, with profitability expected to begin in the third.

Financial Highlights by Year

Financing Needed

The company is owned by the original 4 founders, who each will contribute $25,000 for the same amount of share, 25%, and $100,000 in paid-in capital at the start. This amount will be sufficient to cover the start-up costs. The second year will see us contributing another $100,000.

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