Family Medicine Clinic Business Plan

Family Medicine Clinic Business Plan

Family Medicine Clinic Business Plan



In rural areas, there is an obvious lack of medical services. This also applies to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXV, where Park Square is located.


Park Square Family Medicine has one mission: to promote health and well being in the area by providing affordable, high-quality medical services for all ages. Park Square Family Medicine strives to exceed the expectations of its patients and create a profitable business.


According to the report “Economic and Demographic Profile Report”, there is a rising demand for quality, affordable healthcare in the region and across the nation. The local population within 35 miles of the city is expected to grow by approximately 3.5% annually and have a population of around 160,000.


Park Square Family Medicine belongs to the wider medical industry, namely “Offices and Clinics of Medical Doctors.” Private medical practices are numerous, generally small (1 – 4 physicians) and may provide either general or specialist services. They are well-suited for semi-rural and rural areas that do not have enough people to justify a hospital or a larger medical group.

The town is home to five family practitioners, which means that there are approximately 160,000 potential clients within 35 miles. These statistics make it a good place to market your marketing efforts.

Why Us?

Park Square Family Medicine aims to improve the health of the local population through providing quality, accessible medical care for people of all ages. Park Square Family Medicine will strive to provide services that exceed the expectations and make our business profitable.



Our forecast is not realistic. It's a rough estimate for planning purposes. However, we know that there will be more expenses. They always do.

Financial Highlights Year-by-Year

Financing Needed

A loan amounting to $288,000. The estimated $225,000 will be used to accumulate long-term assets. Rest of the money will be used to cover startup costs and medical expenses.

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