Dating Matchmaking Service Business Plan

Dating Matchmaking Service Business Plan

Dating Matchmaking Service Business Plan

CompuDate, a new company offering singles computer-based matchmaking in Denver, is now open. CompuDate has purchased the assets of Date MatchMaker and is a sole proprietorship owned by Suzie Butterfly.

The Market

CompuDate aims to target two distinct market segments, those aged 20-35 years old and those aged 36-60 years old. CompuDate's services must appear hip and cool in order to be popular with the younger age group which has a 9% annual growth rate and 54,000 potential customers. CompuDate&#8217's services should be appealing to the older age groups, which have a 11% annual growth rate and 64,000 potential clients. CompuDate's ability to market its services to two distinct groups is an exciting sign of a market opportunity.

Keys to Success

CompuDate identifies three keys to success. We will closely monitor these key points. First, you need to understand the market. CompuDate is conducting extensive market research in order provide accurate information on its target market. The second is to pick right matches. If CompuDate does not pick the right people, the business will not progress. The last goal is to achieve sustainable profits. CompuDate will be run with a long-term vision.


Suzie Butterfly will manage CompuDate. Suzie's first job was with Yahoo! working as a project manager for their search engine department. Suzie was able to manage a wide range of projects thanks to this position. Suzie moved to Yahoo! three years later. Suzie worked in the Yahoo! Personals division, where she gained firsthand experience in matchmaking. This experience gave Suzie insight and confidence to create her own company that can compete in this sector.

CompuDate projects that year two sales will be lower than expected, with year three seeing an increase. CompuDate will obtain pleasant profit margins for years two and three respectively. CompuDate gives local businesses the chance to make a profit by combining professional matchmaking software with industry expertise.

1.1 Keys to Success

  • Know our market.
  • Pick the right dates for matches
  • Ensure sustainable profits.

1.2 Objectives

  • Become Denver's premier dating service.
  • Place clients in long-term relationships with a success rate of 45%
  • Benefit from the efficiency of computer-assisted matchesmaking services.

1.3 Mission

CompuDate is committed to providing the best matchmaking services. CompuDate's mission is to provide the highest quality matchmaking services possible, with outstanding customer service and affordable pricing.

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