Child Care Business Plan

Child Care Business Plan

Child Care Business Plan



Our children's education must start sooner than we think. The school system is failing. It is best to find tutors and private teachers for your children's education.


The Toddler Warehouse offers full-service child and developmental services for toddlers aged three to five years old. The Toddler Warehouse will concentrate on the higher end of this market: professionals with two incomes. These ambitious parents will often be eager to see their children develop and will pay for the best facilities.


The Toddler Warehouse is offering child development and care for toddlers between the ages of three and five. The Toddler Warehouse is designed for professional couples with double income who are unable to take care of their child due to work commitments. The Toddler Warehouse will be targeting families that are interested in something more than simple baby-sitting facilities, they would like the children to be enrolled in a program that offers development of many different skills including: socialization skills, arts and crafts, large muscle group workouts, reading, numbers, etc. Professional parents who are driven by their children are more likely to be willing to pay the highest quality development services.


The Toddler Warehouse is a competitor in the child-care industry. The child care industry is very broad and populated. Companies at all levels of the market are available, from basic baby-sitter services to those that compete with The Toddler Warehouse. You can find service providers who offer both standard business hours and services that are available at night or evening. There are regular services and no reservations drop off. There are many choices for parents when it comes to price, quality and gut feeling. The Toddler Warehouse believes that focusing on a specific market is key to success. They also recommend choosing a growing market.

Why Us

The Toddler Warehouse's mission, is to provide excellent child care. We exist to attract and maintain customers. All else will fall in line if we live by this maxim. Our services will meet or exceed customer expectations.



In the first year, we will be financially successful. After year 3, we will be able employ more general help that focuses on the care aspect of care.

Financial Highlights for the Year

Financing Required

Matt will invest $85,000

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