Alika Williams On Gaining Strength Through Adversity and Embracing Your Journey

Alika Williams On Gaining Strength Through Adversity and Embracing Your Journey

In this episode, Andrew interviews one of Hawaii’s most loved volleyball trainers, Alika Williams. Alika Williams was born and raised in Hawaii, and he began playing indoor and sand volleyball in the ninth grade. Alika played at Punahou School and played on the sand at Outrigger Canoe Club and Waikiki Beach. He went on to play in the NCAA for indoor volleyball at the University of California at Santa Barbara, which led to his professional sand volleyball career on tour with the Association of Volleyball Professionals.

Alika is now a highly sought volleyball trainer at Hunakai Park in Honolulu. He operates from his own court and works with people of all ages and levels. In 2012, the NCAA opened up scholarships for a women’s division, and he began coaching some now very well-known female players in women’s volleyball, including Carly Kan, Julia Scoles, and Julia Lau.

Listen in on this episode as Alika shares from his passion as a volleyball coach, what he loves most about being a coach and watching his students evolve. He shares about his own challenges along the way, the setbacks, and the ways that he developed his own mental toughness as a player who was “undersized” in the world of volleyball. Alika’s personality is super uplifting and this is an episode that will inspire anyone to keep going after their dreams.

To find out more about Alika, go to his website, www.hunakaihi.com
IG: @hunakaihi

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